Superheroes dominate Fandango’s annual poll of the most ancipated movies of the coming year. According to a survey of more than 8,000 visitors to the site, Avengers: Infinity War was the obvious first choice for what to see in 2018. Following that epic crossover collection of Marvel characters, fellow MCU installment Black Panther is the people’s next most […]

At the beginning of 2017, I set out on a mission to interview the directors behind some of the year’s biggest movies. In total, I was fortunate enough to speak with 22 of them. They are the filmmakers behind blockbusters and conversation starters, and they represent one particular slice of what the movie landscape in […]

Bumblebee: Our first look at Hailee Steinfeld (above) in Bumblebee (below) reveals the actress in character as Charlie Watson, a young mechanic in 1987 who discovers a beat-up old car in a junkyard may hold the key to defending the universe. Travis Knight directs the first spin-off of the Transformers movie series, which is scheduled for […]

We’re ending 2017 with one thing being certain: Wonder Woman was the movie of the year. When you combine its reviews (92% on Rotten Tomatoes), its box office success ($822 million worldwide), its various audience scores and awards favor, the DC superhero blockbuster is the most noteworthy hit of all.  That makes Wonder Woman 2 one of the most […]

The first time we see Winston Churchill on screen in the stirring historical drama Darkest Hour, it takes several moments to kick in: that’s Gary Oldman! Even knowing in advance that the acclaimed actor is portraying the famed political figure, it’s a startling transformation. It’s not just the outstanding hair and makeup design, either, as […]

Halloween: In John Carpenter’s classic fright flick Halloween, the role of serial killer Michael Myers, identified in the closing credits as The Shape, was portrayed by Nick Castle (above). With production gearing up for a new, followup movie under the direction of David Gordon Green, we now hear that Castle will reprise the iconic role. […]

Kate (Anna Faris) is struggling to earn enough money so she can realize her long-held dream and finally attend nursing school. She encounters the wealthy and snobbish Leonardo (Eugene Derbez) on his outlandish yacht. In a fit of selfish pique, he causes her to lose her much-needed job. Ah, but things turn around completely when […]

Fans of Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express will have to wait awhile for its sequel, Death on the Nile, because the actor/director is heading into his next family friendly effort for Disney. Branagh is set to helm the adaptation of the best-selling YA fantasy novel Artemis Fowl — described as “Die Hard with fairies” — and he’s just cast the […]